RadBlock  Potassium Iodide was created to overcome by coating the tablet the reluctance of children to swallow the very bitter ingredients(Iodine) . RadBlock is the only Potassium Iodide on the market that uses this very expensive coating process.  The tablets are 65mg so that a young adolescent can take a single tablet without having to cut the standard 130 mg potassium iodide pill. an adult simply takes two 65 mg tablets


Ontario Power Generation Instructions  on ordering free RadBlock

 There is no such thing as being too prepared

There’s no such thing as being too prepared.

In the highly unlikely event of a nuclear accident, a potassium iodide (KI) pill is a key component to keeping you and your family safe. All homes and businesses within 10 km of nuclear facilities are encouraged to have on hand potassium iodide (KI) pills. Anyone within 50 km of nuclear facilities is welcome to order free KI for delivery.

•    Nuclear Safety

In the highly unlikely event of a nuclear emergency you will be promptly notified a number of ways including sirens, radio, television, Internet, automated telephone call  and social media

What do I do? 

1    Go inside and turn on your radio or television for instructions.

2    Listen to the media reports.

3  Follow instructions provided by government officials.

4  Follow instructions for evacuation, sheltering in place, and taking           KI  pills, and reporting to a reception centre for monitoring


           AND STAY CALM Don’t evacuate unless advised to do so.