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Instruction terms and conditions of use of our Website Rule 1 (Shipping) Shipping is flat rate or what our backoffice offers it to you, if we feel the shipping rate needs to be increased we will give you a call. All our shippings are being delivered with Canada Post If you want to request a Tracking # please contact us and we will email the tracking # to you. If your package/parcel is not received within a 2 week span please contact us and we will try and find out what went wrong also if an item is not in stock our automated system will backfire with an email letting you know we are on the case and we should have the supply within a week or 2. Rule 2 (Newsletter) Please sign up to our newsletter so you can see what we have to offer for our newest and latest products of disaster, and preventive products to keep you and your family safe from harmfull unwanted radiation caused by particals within objects and environmental locations as of X-ray and CT scans in hospitals and learn more about how hospitals are doing to this effect. We also can teach you on how to prevent Cancer causing unwanted radiation to not be a part of your living life when the Governments and Hospitals are not doing anything about it. Rule 3 (Register) Register yourself first after wanting to purchase something, if not, you can register after, and make sure you check box the question newsletter sign up and then enter your credentials. Rule 4 (Voucher & Memberships) Voucher codes: When entering the voucher code please enter the letters or numbers that are given , the letters can be entered in a upper or lower case fashion they will be both correct. But numbers are numbers, and they have no case sensitivity, or just enter them as you see them. Also voucher codes can be emailed to you, or you can call us at our phone number 416-661-1818. But make sure you are signed up with our newsletter before you call or you can sign up for our yearly membership, which will give you the advantage in many other ways than one. Rule 5 (Acknowledge Us and Spread the Word) Please help spread out our name to your friends and family and let them know about us and what we do. We want to help everybody, but we can't do it without your help from word of mouth. Also, if you find a problem with our website and you want us to correct it, please let us know, and write us at our . Obviously, were only human. Thank you for being there and here for all of us at KI Canada Group.