Norad Shelters

Norad Shelters The Norad Shelter Systems LLC makes the underground bomb shelters in Garland, Texas.They have been in the company for almost 40 years and Walton McCarthy designs the underground shelters together with a team of experts. Meanwhile, all units of Norad Shelters meet the specifications according to the US Handbook of NBC Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards, 6th edition. They are rated with TRS or Total Rems in Shelter with established radiation sources. It is safe for civilians, military, and corporate customers. Furthermore, the units are compliant with the US Department of Defense EMP Shielding specifications. Finally, the company offers bomb shelter units, tornado shelter units, and medical shelters. Norad Shelters S-Series The S-Series of the Norad Shelters can protect the occupants from various man-made and natural disasters. It is available in four models which are S12 (12 feet wide), S16 (16 feet wide), S24 (24 feet wide) and S30 (30 feet wide). The length can measure from 16 feet or 24 feet, and it can extend to 8 feet increment so long as there is suitable ground for installation. The S-series are the MIL military or civilian. Its hull, corrosion, and foundation are the same in both the civilian and military shelter models. It has NBC protection (nuclear, biological, and chemical), EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) shielding, EMP internal generator, electrical system, pressurized plumbing, and a septic system. It has a steel hull foundation, 68-degree entranceway, solar power package, 30 inches diameter hatch, and HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorber) air filtration. The civilian units of the Norad shelters are powered by solar panels whereas the military units have an internal EMP diesel generator. On the other hand, you can always upgrade the civilian models to have military features. The S-Series can provide protection from radiation, biological and chemical threats, war and terrorism, power and infrastructure failure, societal breakdown, and natural disasters. Pricing Guard S10 x 14- $172,500 Nomad S10 x 20- $226,600 S 16 x 16- $237, 540 Outpost-S10 x 40- $326,400 S16 x 24- $340,570 S16 x 40- 453,370
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