Action Meal - Flavour Chili Con Carne Case of 20

These meals can be stored for 3 years and comes with built in heater, minimum order is 20 meals per case
(This product has a limit set to 5000 item(s) per order)

Action Meal – Flavour Chili Con Carne
Minimum order is 20 meals per case

Action Meals provides delicious pre-cooked meals that include a flameless ration heater that will heat your
food to 83 degrees Celsius in just 12 minutes. Action Meals have been specifically designed to be lightweight,
easy to open, and to produce minimal waste. Great for any outdoors enthusiast and emergency preparedness kit!


ACTION MEALS FAQ:  What are special circumstances that would benefit a person in using Action Meals?

  • Your institution is having trouble with utilities services and staff shortages due to a pandemic or power outage
  • You are in one of the major parks and there is a fire hazard warning.
  • You want to camp and have a hot meal but are not allowed to start any fire.
  • You are in a sailboat going on a long journey and you have the night watch.  You are hungry and cold.
  • You are fishing in a great spot and do not wish to move but hunger pangs are making concentration very difficult.
  • Every home should have an emergency supply for power outages during storms, etc.
  • Snowmobiling – No restaurants on the trails, etc.

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  • Model: Action Meal - Flavour Chili Con Carne

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