Custom Solar Solutions PowerFilm designs and manufactures custom solar cells, panels, and power solutions for energy harvesting, portable, and remote power applications using proprietary thin-film or high-efficiency crystalline PV technology. We develop high-quality custom solar solutions for IoT, transportation, military, and consumer applications. Truck, plane and forklift between stacks of shipping containers Transportation We don’t just offer solar products for the transportation industry. We design, engineer, and manufacture total solar solutions. Man sitting on top of a building on computer with a graphic of connected IoT devices Internet of Things Devices used in IoT are often extremely low power, light energy outdoors and indoors can be used to extend or replace traditional batteries, making long-term maintenance-free solutions possible. Two soldiers with a foldable solar panel Government & DoD Since PowerFilm’s beginning over 30 years ago the US Department of Defense has been our largest lifetime customer. We offer man-portable, vehicle, and basing solutions boat at a dock Marine Whatever kind of boat you have, our solar solutions ensure your boat or lift batteries are ready to go when you are. man and woman in a golf car