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Model ND6 - The ND6 (Natural Disaster for 6 shelterists) Twister Resister shelter is a totally self-contained 5 psi vertical dome underground storm shelter specifically designed to protect 6 people at ground zero of F5 tornados, CAT 5 hurricanes, 8.5 Richter earthquakes, and ground fires with a 2 day life support system. It is specifically designed to operate at ground zero of an F5 tornado. The ND6 includes the structural fiberglass structure, chemical toilet, 12-volt air blower, AGM battery, solar panel/controller, stainless steel screen on inlet and outlet manifolds, 12-volt LED light, cast aluminum or spring loaded steel hatch, manual jack emergency escape, and gravity flange hold-down for high water tables and the negative pressure of an F5 tornado. Download the PDF Broucher for Model ND6 PDF Click this button to start Download. To Purchase Click here Purchase ND6

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