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Quick Decon Solution (QDS) - quart

Quick Decon Solution (QDS) - quart

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The Quick Decon Solution (QDS) family of products can significantly reduce time and personal dose associated with ALL decontamination efforts and tasks. The core technology is called the "Mass Effect" influence. When our proprietary solutions are introduced to a contaminated surface, the radioactive material is lifted from the surface and suspended in the solution, where it can be easily wiped up or rinsed away as radioactive waste. Our products are currently in use in Department of Energy sites, nuclear tool decontamination facilities, commercial nuclear power plants, nuclear waste facilities, and medical ” , facilities. In commercial nuclear power applications, QDS , has a proven track record of significantly reducing time , and dose on critical path tasks such as Cavity Decon. Each formulation is ion-specific and specially prepared to , address a specific chemical group.

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